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Shipping Perishables?

Use InsulTote High Performing Cold Chain Insulated Shipping Supplies

Shipping perishables is tricky, especially when using intermodal freight options. Whether you ship food or pharmaceuticals, small items or large, InsulTote’s line of insulated shipping supplies is tailored to any size, shape or style. Simply tell us your cold chain needs, no matter how unique. Our experts will give you smart solutions and personal attention.

For more than three decades, Innovative Energy has been a leader in delivering high-performance reflective insulation products to industries requiring energy-conserving cold shipping solutions.


Protect from Temperature Spikes and Humidity

Temperature and humidity during transportation are always inconsistent and can be extreme, so special care must be taken to protect your cargo. Reflective insulation technology stops up to 95% of summer’s heat and winter’s cold. Our insulated pouches, box liners, pallet covers, and freight container liners provide excellent temperature and humidity control.

You can expect even more protection when your goods are completely sealed in our thermal container liners. Without them, radiant heat comes through the intermodal container wall from the outside and convection works against you on the inside. Our insulated cargo container liner eliminates these problems by reflecting 95% of the radiant heat, reducing and preventing hot or cold air from coming into the container.


Lightweight, Space Efficient and Re-Usable

Strong yet lightweight, using InsulTote products will help reduce your fuel costs and possibly allow you to ship without reefers. Space efficiency is important, and compared to other solutions, our products save warehouse storage space. Another benefit is that all of our cold-chain shipping products are re-usable.


Because shock and vibration forces naturally occur when shipping perishables, most products require some type of cushioning. InsulTote insulated pouches, box liners and pallet covers have a sturdy 3/16" high profile, bubble cushion to help protect your goods.


Freight Options

Decisions in cold chain shipping are based on the time it takes to move your goods safely to the desired location and on space availability. If you are shipping via air, rail or ocean, your thermal-sensitive cargo must have proper packaging in order to endure the travel time, various hand-offs, jostling, and temperature changes.

InsulTote air cargo insulation blankets are an ideal method of insulating bulk quantities of goods by delivering excellent temperature control performance against cold and heat. Air cargo insulation blankets are widely used in the United States and worldwide to protect solids and liquids such as agricultural products, fruits and vegetables, medical fluids, pharmaceutical components, water based paints, industrial chemicals, temperature sensitive industrial materials, seafood, and meat.

Cargo Blankets Characteristics:
  • Sturdy-Tear proof, puncture resistant
  • Arrives folded, saves on space
  • Easy to apply - 1 step placement over pallet and seals to fit perfectly, saves on labor costs
  • Easy to dispose, collapsible
  • Low cost
  • Reusable

InsulTote air cargo insulation blankets provide an effective temperature barrier for over six days and guarantee protection against freezing.

Shield Your Cargo from Temperature Spikes with Pallet Blankets and Container Liners

Our line of InsulTote insulated pallet covers, blankets and thermal container liners help you maintain the most favorable temperature ranges in a dry-van container. You need to protect your goods from any exposure that would cause irreversible temperature damage to your cargo throughout the cold chain route.

Intermodal temperature control is critical across many industries:
  • Food including cheese and confections such as chocolates
  • Beverages
  • Pharmaceuticals, nutritional supplements and medical supplies
  • Waxes, plastics, resins, adhesives and films
  • Health and beauty products
  • Chemicals
  • Agricultural
  • Automotive
  • Computing and electronics

Each product has its own special set of needs. These factors will help you determine what mode of transportation offers the best solution:
  • Travel time with hand-offs
  • Your cargo weight
  • The shipping lane consistency and volume
  • Freight packaging that can be double stacked to maximize rail car space

InsulTote Temperature Sensitive Shipping Solutions for Intermodal Rail, Full Truckload or LTL

  • Prevents temperature spikes during complete cold chain shipping time
  • Insulating foil liner stops 97 percent of radiant heat that can threaten product quality or package contents
  • Fuel efficient: compact, lightweight and strong covers, blankets & liners
  • Thermal cargo blankets and liners have a unique design to make installation a snap
  • Space efficient: less bulky
  • Cost efficient: re-usable and environmentally friendly
  • Can be tailored to any size or shape

Container Liners
Fully woven, reflective container liners are hung into a general purpose ISO sipping container and allow for forklift loading, hand loading and slip sheet. Once loaded you completely seal the liner and create a closed off temperature and humidity controlled environment for the goods inside. Our container liner reflects up to 97 percent of the radiant heat and also prevents hot or cold air from coming through the sealed liner, ensuring greater temperature consistency for your cargo during transit.
Easy to install, you simply hang the liner using the lashings provided and tie it to the lugs found inside the ISO container. This task can be done quickly by one operator.

Standard and Custom Sizes Available

Use our high-strength reinforced metalized bubble insulation materials to protect your perishables. As the manufacturer, we are capable of making any size you require within a half inch. Here is a list of standard sizes:

Pallet Covers, Seamed-style or Flap-style

  • 48" x 40" x 48"
  • 48" x 40" x 60"
  • 48" x 40" x 72"
  • Custom

Standard LTL Insulated Foil Blankets

  • 10" x 53"
  • 10" x 48"

Standard Cargo Blankets, Rail, Ocean Freight

  • 10" x 20"

Standard ETL

  • 20' Liner for Standard ISO Shipping Container
  • 40' Liner for Standard ISO Shipping Container and High Cube

Request Quote or Samples

Call our InsulTote experts to discuss the best thermal packaging system so your investment arrives in tact.

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"We have been pleased with InsulTote's pallet cover and have used it to successfully protect product shipping throughout the winter. It shipped FedEx LTL to Minnesota and at one point the external temperature was -7F. Our data logger from a pallet protected by your thermal wrap and our black plastic shrink wrap shows a remarkable loss of ambient temperature in transit of only 14°."

Phil Fallis
Harvard Drug Group

"We love the InsulTote boxes. They keep our cheese cold as well as or better than the ¾-inch Styrofoam boxes we used before."

Robert Stetson, Proprietor
Westfield Farm

"Innovative Energy has been an outstanding company to work with. They have very competitive prices, a great turn-around for production and delivery as well as a very friendly and knowledgeable staff on hand to answer any of our questions."

Andy Schreck Operations Supervisor, McKesson Corp.

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